Continia – Major release 2022 R2 

Major release 2022 R2 

The announcement of full support for the Business Central 2022 release wave 2 for all Continia solutions on all platforms! 

With this release, Continia  are not only introducing a bunch of great new features in their solutions. They are also introducing new add-on modules, which you can read about here:  

Document Capture version 10

  • New add-on module: Purchase Contracts (read more here) –  managing contracts have never been easier. Handle purchase contracts efficiently and effectively directly from Document Capture. 
  • Resize the document viewer – the possibility to adjust the size of the page part showing the document image, giving you a better overview of the entire document page.
  • Caption suggestions for master template fields – suggest captions for the master template fields based on captions already used for vendor template fields which will improve the recognition accuracy of future templates. 
  • Assisted setup guide for the creation of new template fields – creates new template fields without the risk of deleting mandatory existing fields or otherwise breaking the template which makes it easier and faster to create new template fields. 
  • Auto-register option on the template – the template option Register Documents Automatically enables you to auto-register documents that are 100% ok. The feature can be activated on individual templates to speed up document handling for selected vendors.

Expense Management version 10

  • Rolecenter cues – simplified Rolecenter experience for a simpler overview. 
  • Saved images are synched to Continia Online – instead of storing images of receipts, etc. on a specific device only, they will now be synchronized and visible from the Expense Portal too, making it easy to add images to an expense. 
  • Options and text are supported in field dependencies – through configured fields, you can define and add default value fields, such as reason code, car type, or any other relevant information. 
  • Resize add-ins – resize the document attachment fact box directly in the Document page and Expense, Mileage, and Expense Reports.
  • Spanish vendor support (Spanish localization)

Document Output version 7

  • Password protected PDF-files – add a level of security by protecting PDF files with a password that’s shared with the receiver. 
  • Report selection on templates – ensures that default templates are connected with a Report Selection, like Posted Invoice. When users change the Report ID in Standard Report Selection, they do not need to change this on the template.
  • Multiple supported languages on templates – build templates differently in the country of intended use and define in which language(s) your emails are generated. This enables templates to be used in a country-specific setup in general while also having multiple languages.
  • ZUGFeRD format (DE)
  • Factur-X format (FR)

Payment Management version 5

  • New Payment Approval module (read more here).
  • Improved onboarding wizards – increases the guidance and support that users receive directly in the assisted setup guide, making it much easier for customers to set up their bank accounts with direct communication. 
  • Improved vendor payment information setup – all steps and user interface texts of the assisted guide have been reviewed and updated to focus on the relevant configurations

OPplus version

  • Integration to Continia Core – enables activation of OPplus through the Continia Solution Management. Opplus modules are shown for activation in the Activation Guide. 
  • Redesign payment device
  • Dropzone for Payment import files – a fact box with a file drop zone is visible on Payment Registers, enabling you to drag and drop documents. 
  • Optimizations to the payment import and fixed assets areas