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Supply chain management covering sales and receivables, purchase
and payables through to inventory and warehouse management

Receivables is integrated with the general ledger & inventory 

This allow you to;

- Send sales transactions and manage receivables in multiple
currencies for each customer, via sales invoicing.

- Ship to altemnative addresses accommodating customers with
muttiple sites for different shipments. Additional locations can then
be selected by the order processor when creating a sales order or invoice

You can set up working and non-working days, vendors, locations,companies, shipping agent services and calendar entries.These
will be used in date Calculations on sales orders, purchase orders,transfer orders, production orders, service orders, and requisition and planning worksheets.

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With campaign pricing you can work with sales prices and sales line discounts connected with specific campaigns. B e e el e Bt AT I ek et campaign can access the price]discount associated with that campaign. Prices are vl or the I of the campaign or Untl you decide to deactivts them. When you creata a sales document of service ordr the campaign price/dscount s include among the priing reductons available. Order promising delvers accurate order shipment and defivery dates to customers as based on e curent and future avalabity.When iters ars not avaiiable to meet a customer's requested delivery date, calculate the edrfiest shipment date.


Streamline your
financial processes

Execute marketing
campaigns & manage
sales processes

Manage suppliers & vendors integrated with the general
ledger and inventory

Sales & Receivables
Through to warehouse

Basic & Agile
manufacturing including supply & capacity planning

Warehouse management
systems including data capture, bin set-up & pick ups/put aways

Project manager
resources capacity
management & jobs

Project manager
resources capacity
management & jobs

Manage your
company human
resource efficiently
and effectively |

Manage your
company;s human
resource efficiently and effectively

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Evo-Soft will help you maximise your profitabllity and
liquidity by making the most of your people

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Tum improved profitabiity into new opportunities with
financial management solution that helps drive