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Garbage in -Garbage out!

Easy and accurate product creation

Data entered on the stock item record is critical to many of the downstream operations. That is why correct product set up is essential. The Product Creation module in Evo-Solutions is designed to facilitate ease and accuracy of item creation, key features are:

- The ability to design and store a product “before” it becomes an item.
- An easy to use interface that allows for bulk upload of products.
- A checking system to ensure “mandatory fields” are completed
before turning the design into a live product.

The “Design Studio” further enhances the functionality to permit storage of attributes usually managed by the artistic design team who do not normally use the ERP, resulting a central store of design information

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Easy stock item set up

Users can easily set up all of the details necessary to create a stock
item at the push of a button. Features you could benefit from on item setup are:
- Fast and easy upload of new products from an Excel spreadsheet.
- The option to automatically create part numbers or manually assign them
- Use of multiple descriptions to provide variants for document and web usage.
- Hold information for multiple suppliers such as factory codes, prices and minimum quantities.

- Store or automatically create multiple barcodes.

- Set up product classification with both independent and hierarchical
analysis options.

- Define all of your units of measures, volume and weight data.

- Auto-calculation of the predicted Landed Cost using Item Costing.

- Create multiple sales prices and discount structures.

- View margins using the predicted Landed Cost.

- Track the whole process using a Critical Path Template.

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