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There’s a lot to defining a product!

Product design for the importer

The product area has benefited from many enhancements in order to meet the needs of the Importer. Stock items can be created individually or built using the Product Design module. The keys goals when designing the products module were to;

-Centralise all product data into a single reference area

-Provide easy user access and visibility to product related data.

- Enable export of product data to external sources such as web sites, Scanners etc

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Enhancements include:

- Fully integrated Landed Cost using the Item Costing.
- Ability to reference the product by the customer's code.
- Assemblies supporting multiple assembly styles.
- Item and package barcoding.
-Waste packaging management.
- Linked products, spares and upselling.
- Batch traceability: lot number, expiry dates, serial numbers.
- Independent and hierarchical categorisation of products.
- Unlimited dimensional analysis.
- Restricted Customer selling units.
-Web categorisation of products.

-QC process management.
-Item alerts - pop up message to operators when entering certain products.
- Measure functionality.
- Item variance allowing the creation of one stock code with multiple variants.
-Excel uploads for sales and purchase prices.
- Safety certificate logging.
- Unlimited extended tools add to any document.
- Local storage of web descriptions.
- With document management save product certificates
- Set salesperson commission at Item level.
- Display stock levels "Free", "Physical" and "Available".

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