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Pre-auction organisational tools available within Evo-Solutions give users all the help they need to get head of the curve:

-Auction management allows you to import all lots previously allocated to the auction and check if lots have been cleared for sale by the vendor. No more uncleared articles included in an auction by mistake!

-Creation of categories, photo groups, barcodes, or manually selected receipts and articles provide great control for lotting up.

-Proof reading reports with or without photos.

-Missing lots check facilities.

-Visual lot checking will help users see if errors exist on the lots, identifying missing catalogue description or condition reports, identifying missing reserve where the reserve status is fixed or lower high estimate.

Pre-sale advice can be sent to the vendor as a hard copy or trackable

soft copy.

-Easily available statistics, such as number of lots, vendors and commission bids. The value of commissions and top absentee bids above reserve allows you to estimate the minimum sales value before the auction.

Telephone Bidding Management assists in the assignment of telephone bids to a member of stoff.

Condition Report Requests Management will help you to assign request to a valuer.

Auction Day tools necessary to maintaining efficiency on the day.

- Printing paddle facilities gives users the opportunity to market forthcoming auction and also includes an option to print an image of the buyer on them.

-Salebook print giving details of the lot, commission bids and breakeven calculation.

-Auction result entry using simplified page without distracting information.

- Advanced auction statistics facilities provide auction progress updates in real-time, which includes number of registered buyers, hammer total, commission bids total, fees earned and more...

-SMS integration will help you to alert buyers, for example: when catalogue is uploaded, when first 50 lots have been sold or that the invoice is created etc.

Post-auction processes safeguard smooth operational control is
maintained with:

-Post-auction email system which saves time and energy chasing buyers and sellers.
-Commission Bidders emails facilities providing details of which lots they were outbid on and by how much.
- Buyers Invoices email confirmation and if linked via the Star Digital website, giving an option to pay online through secured payment
-Vendor emails facilities with post auction results detailing which lots are sold and a recommendation on the unsold articles such
as reserve reduction, return etc.
- Create collection/dispatch notes for sold or unsold articles.
- Email collection request notices to wam of storage fees.
-Automatically send levelled reminders for buyers with overdue balance