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Accurate and timely purchasing

Evo-Solutions can enhance the purchase decision and manage process by:

- Providing information to make an informed decision on quality and timing of orders.

- Reducing calculation tasks and eliminating manual input processes.

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Purchasing and payment control

Evo-Solutions enables you to be in control of your business by:

- Creating clear visibility of cash requirements for incoming goods.
- Managing delivery information from order to receipt.

- Providing accurate arrivals information through Container Tracking

Efficient purchasing processes

Maintain control, whilst eliminating tedious and time consuming tasks. To enhance the purchasing process, Evo-Solutions presents all the information on a single screen:

- Quantities are automatically suggested on basis of sale.
- Quick manual amendments of quantities.
- Generate multiply purchase orders at the push of a button.

What kind of data is shown?

The requisition tool can be easily tailored to different buyers habits.

-Current stock, sales and purchase orders
- Average sales and average margin
- Landed Costs and profit margins
- Vendor and minimum quantity

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Managing Product Selection and Costs

Certain features to improve the process of reviews and creating a range have been enhanced: This helps with:

- Top Seller reporting
- Item profitability
- Sales data
- Multiple vendor data storage
- Pricing update tools
- Vendor ratings