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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central -Evo-Rebates

ERP systems generally cannot cope with the level of deal complexity involved with Rebates and LTA’s

Evo-Rebates capture and represent each agreed rebate ,tiered incentives and deals which are in a chain

Evo-Rebates permit rebate realignments – to cater for when your accrual for a large period of the year is too large or too small. This will inevitably happen in areas where estimates and forecasts are required for tiered deals, mid-period changes and any data inaccuracies. Where the rebate accrual is not correct, a rebate realignment is required.

Evo-Rebates manages rebate's in stock - When a rebate amount is received from a supplier, the value of stock for those products is reduced to a new, lower, net-of-rebate cost. It is a requirement to track and accrue this amount accurately in the balance sheet, because rebate in stock cannot be released to the P&L until the stock has been sold.